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Description plate (A4) <b><u>01</u></b>
  • Description plate (A4) <b><u>01</u></b>
  • Description plate (A4) <b><u>01</u></b>
  • Description plate (A4) <b><u>01</u></b>

Description plate (A4) 01

Catalog No.: 123

A plate made of acrylic glass combined with gold or silver anodized profiles. Acrylic glass is lighter and safer than traditional glass. The board enables easy and quick exchange of information by folding back the first layer of acrylic glass and placing a sheet of paper. Printout from the printer (A4 sheet size). Information in such a frame is clear and legible. This sign is perfect for hotels, restaurants, motels and much more.

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Net price for 1 pc.: 12,69 EUR
Gross price for 1 pc.: 15,61 EUR
Quantity in package: 5
Net price:
89,11 EUR
63,46 EUR
Gross price:
109,61 EUR
78,05 EUR

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